We are the Universe

A Poem by Kellie Gilman

To see the world from a different perspective and understand we are what we see.

To smile, to laugh, to love and cherish.

Exploring the wonders the universe has to provide.

Discovering the mysteries through new eyes.

The green of the grass between your toes and realizing it’s also a home.

The blue of the skies mirroring the oceans we bathe in.

Clouds that take on many shapes and tickling the imagination the rain that nourishes the grounds.

The food that grows from natural sources.

The sun kissing the fur and feathers of some of the most beautiful creations, and warming our very bodies.

Allowing the breeze to course through your veins as you sore.

Spread your wings and glide through the endless times.

A beautiful flower experiencing growth for the first time.

Blooming it’s true colors for the world to see.

Never hiding but always thriving.

The love of a mother for her young and the love of a father for his family.

The bluest bird in the flock singing it’s melody for all to hear.

Realizing that we don’t just exist inside the universe.

But we are the universe.



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Kellie Gilman

Kellie Gilman

A Massachusetts-based writer/hopeless romantic. My writing aims to help my readers strengthen their loving relationships and build a bond that will last forever